AUGUSTA GC is hosting the 2022 State Sand Greens Championship, August 11-14


Australian Fast Bowler RODNEY HOGG

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Welcome to
Augusta Golf Club

Home of the Augusta Masters Friday & Saturday 4-5
November 2022

About Augusta Golf Club

Home of Western Australia's Masters

Set high on the Leeuwin Ridge in Western Australia's south west corner, a striking 18-hole golf course with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean and the Blackwood River Valley.


Course Overview


From its high vantage point between river mouth and open sea, the Augusta Golf Course carves its way through a forest of peppermint and grass trees. Other than the clearing of trees for the fairways and the flattening of earth for the greens and tees, there has been minimal human reprofiling. The swales and hillocks remain much as they were when the land was first imagined in the 1920s as a site for golf.

Augusta GC is ranked the NUMBER ONE sand greens course in Western Australia. This was the rating given by Indeed, ranks Augusta GC as the 35th best Western Australian course overall. This par 72 course is 5837 metres long for men and the women’s course is 5034 metres. 


​Ten of the holes feature significant doglegs. Along with the contours of the land, wind is another of the natural features that must be considered. On any one day at least four or five holes will be into stiff breezes.    

The well-maintained kikuyu fairways vary in width, but many are narrow and lined with with thickets of peppermint and grass trees. In Spring, the wildflowers are prolific. The greens tend to be small, and some have significant breaks.  

The Augusta area is fortunate in that it receives good winter rainfall, and the fairways are lush for much of the year. In Summer, during periods of limited rainfall, the tees and green surrounds are reticulated with water collected from the parking lot and the roofs of buildings.

An enthusiastic band of volunteers maintain the course. We are proud of all that has been achieved and determined to maintain the balance with nature, in keeping with the ethos of traditional Scottish courses. 


Club Overview

The Patron of the Club is Robin Dunbar-Smith. Robin has been a member for 50 years and, in all that time, his support and encouragement has never faltered. He was there when water had to be carted by truck over the hills to the infant course, and he is still there, reminding us to “be kind to each other.”  

Our current membership is roughly 120 golfers, many of whom assist with the running of the Club. Our competitions are sponsored by local businesses, as well as by individual members. This combination of generosity allows us to offer generous prizes for our competitions. We give heart-felt thanks to members for their support, and we repay our indebtedness to Augusta's local businesses by availing ourselves of their services.

If you visit Augusta, please support our local businesses.   

Office Bearers

Graeme Ewers


Kerry Borgas


John Butcher &  David Shephard


Phone:  Butcher 0417929132

              Shephard 0417915789

Lyan Shephard


Phone: 0408 580 195

Gavin Foster


Judith Wilton




Geoff Matthews


Phone: 0417 926 737


Paul Wallace
Lyn Loreck

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