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The Club

Special Events 2023

The Augusta Masters
3rd-4th November 2023


Club Champions


Club Champions

Men's Champion

Craig Hadley

Ladies' Champion

Kerry Borgas

Augusta Masters

Men's Winner

Sam Williams

Augusta GC

Ladies' Winner

Sue Air

Augusta GC

Club Champions


All golfers dream of a hole in one. But what if you are a nonagenarian? 

On Tuesday 15 September 2020, while playing in a Scroungers competition, Trevor Rogers holed out on the 156-metre second hole at the Augusta Golf Club. For this most perfect shot, Trevor played a 5-wood.

What makes this so particularly remarkable is that, at the time, Trevor was not far off 93-years-of-age and must surely be one of the oldest golfers in W.A. to achieve this feat.

Trevor is an athletic man whose fitness belies his age. He started playing golf in Collie in 1956 and, for many years, was a member at the Katanning GC. Trevor joined Augusta following his retirement in 1992. His lowest handicap was 13 and he was playing off 24 when he stopped playing 18-hole competitions two years ago.

This is not the first time Trevor has scored a hole in one at the AGC: on Friday 13 August 2004, he aced the 18th.

Membership Fees

Nomination fee:
$35.00 (GST inc.)

Membership categories 2023 adopted by the Committee of Management

A new trial category of membership had been added in 2022 aimed at encouraging new golfers to the game.



$100.00 for Six-Months

Conditions of Membership:

  • The maximum period of membership in this category is one six-month period.

  • To qualify an applicant must not have been a member of any other golf club or have had a Golf Link card

  • This classification of member has no voting rights

  • The player may play on the course at any time except when "major events" (as determined by the Management Committee) are being held

  • The player may play in events where a Golf Link number is not required e.g. Scroungers

  • The player has full use of the Augusta Golf Club amenities

  • At any stage during the player’s Trial membership, a player may apply for Membership of the Club and, on acceptance, pay the balance of full membership on a pro-rata basis.

  • Score cards accumulated during the trial membership period, may be used to facilitate the player being assigned a handicap.

  • The Rules and Regulations of the Augusta Golf Club apply equally to this type of membership

  • Adherence is required to Government rules pertaining to the COVID pandemic.



AGC Membership

  + Affiliation

    + MIClub




TOTAL:  $320.00

Country Members

AGC Membership

  + Affiliation



TOTAL:  $223.00

*A Country Member is a member of another club whose usual residence is more than 50 kms from Augusta GC.

Junior Members

AGC Membership

  + Affiliation



TOTAL:  $88.00

*A Junior has attained the age of 12 years and is under 18 years of age on the first day of October in the Financial Year in which membership is granted.

Social Members


Cart Garaging Fee per Annum


Buggy Garaging Fee Per Annum


How to apply for Membership

Please click the following link to find a Membership Application Form. The Form may be downloaded and completed. When completed, please scan and email, or post to the addresses specified.

Payment may be made online. EFT details can be found on the Application Form.

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Apply Membership
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